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Monday, 22 December 2014

A good investment

We thought you might like to see the end of term letter sent to HUGS Trustees by one of our sponsored students who is studying for a nursing diploma in Kampala.

Her letter was handwritten and would be difficult to read on a screen so we have transcribed if for you to see.

Things like this a a great reminder of just how important your help is in helping to build a better tomorrow.

I am Lunyaya Annet, a student from Nsambya Hospital Training School, near Kampala and I am pursuing a diploma course in Nursing.

I sat second to third year promotional examinations in October and managed to perform well as the results indicated. I will now be promoted to third year, which is my final year of the course.
I am so grateful to you all and expect to start the new semester on December 31st 2014.

It is said that education is the best investment in life. Sincerely with your support I have been enriched with the skills of taking care of the sick and achieved other ambitions like giving health education talks.

I am glad that I am competent with the course and able to manage patients with different conditions. For example taking care of diabetic patients by educating them in how to take care of themselves at home with diet, hygiene and lifestyle.
I can also tell you that I am going to carry out a research study aimed at accessing mother’s knowledge and practice in preventing childhood diarrheal diseases in their children.

It has been a great concern after realising that there is a big increase in child mortality and morbidity rates in Uganda.
However many preventative measures have been put in place this is still a huge problem, in children under 5 year of age.

Finally I would like to thank you for your great support and for the opportunity you have given.
I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Luyanya Annet   Student Nurse supported by HUGS

Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas News from Uganda

Dear Supporters

Lots of good things are happening in our Uganda and Rwanda Schools which will be educating about 1000 children at the start of 2015.

Good Shepherd sent news about Derrick and Sr Theresa's words say it all;

I am happy to inform you that we ended our Third term successfully very well by awarding a certificate to our student Kyomuhendo after finishing his three year course in tailoring, knitting, carpentry and joinery.  Hope you still remember this young man who has speech and hearing impairment but can do very well practical skills, as our Motto is Disability does not mean inability we seeing the fruits now.

Attachments is Derick  finalising his deck bed.

Thank you very much and other members of HUGS for all the support you have rendered to these vulnerable children, to make them what they are and useful Citizen in the society.  I have a story to tell you which the Dad of DericK told me, as Derick is his first born child, after knowing that this child is deaf and dumb, he was scared to death and decided not to marry and have another child because of this tragedy.  He knew that Derick is useless in life, but he started getting a bit of hope when he had the Sister helped by HUGS are opening  a school of special needs, he just came to try, but now is a very happy man to see what Derick is doing

The first classroom at the Asili Girls School should be open in January 2015 and there is great progress on the sanitary block. More news later about this.

A money earning scheme has been started at our Rwanda School with the aim of creating a revenue income to help with children diet and nutrition.
We bought two motorcycles which are leased to young men to use as taxis.

We hope we can get more news from St Zoes soon.

And if you would like to use this Christmas Best Wishes card to send to your friends just click on the image the the rest should be easy!

And of course Dr Grace Nannyondo qualified as a doctor sponsored by HUGS and is now working in Maternal Health in a big Obstetrics Hospital near Kampala.

None of this would have been possible without your help