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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

An Appeal for Water

Blog readers will know that the 2010 drought and the effect of climate change and inflation caused our schools major problems this year. Money which was intended to fund buildings and infrastructure had to be used to buy water and food at up to 3 times the normal price.
So although we have completed two water catchment projects at £34000 over the period since 2004 they have not been enough.
If the rain does not come them water catchment is of limited value.
We have therefore decided to fund a hydrological survey to see if we could find a water table somewhere below ground on our St Zoe site.
The results arrived on November 29th and are really encouraging.
We have been told that we can obtain 1500 litres per hour by sinking a borehole of about 105 metres deep, sink a pump which is solar powered, and store the water in a large overhead tank so that is can gravity feed to the school buildings. If we run the system for 5 to 10 hours a day this will be sufficient for everyone on the site. It will be a major breakthrough and of enormous vale.
It will cost about £28,000 and we are starting a special appeal to fund this.

It would be great if some of our donors could help. This can be done by;
  • send a cheque to HUGS at 6 The Ceal Compstall Stockport SK6 5LQ
  • direct bank transfer to our account. For security please email me for details although you will find that it is the same as your standing order.
  • Or click HERE and use the Virgin Money Giving  (they charge us about 2.5%)
The picture shows the various elements of the project. 

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