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Thursday, 10 November 2011

From our own Correspondent on Radio 4

If you can get BBC Ipayer Radio programmes on your computer it really is worth listening to the 10th November edition of From our own Correspondent which was at 11.00 am.
It starts with the poster slogan we all saw during our last visit. Prosperity for All was the message.
And then to hear the message about the cost of a matoke banana rising from 100 to 300 Uganda shillings each. Matoke is really a major part of the staple diet of everyone. Petrol costs up by 30% and you begin to see the sort of pressures which the people have been having.

It is getting a little better now that the rate of exchange has dropped back about 10% but don't think our eurozone problems stop at Europe. They have had the costs increases driven by exchange rates but also those caused by drought too. That's why this year HUGS has had to divert funds from capital projects and spend the money helping to provide food and water for the children. But we think that we will be back on programme this year and complete our secondary and vocational schools and also build new latrines and hopefully start the water project mentioned in the last blog. Thanks for all your continuous help.

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