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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Why Water?

The really big thing for HUGS and St Zoes this year is to fund a major water borehole project with pumping, solar power, header tank storage and water distribution to the school and local community.

Our existing water tanks and water catchment have been a great success. But climate is changing. Lack of rainfall is a real problem.

But we are sitting on a substantial water table although it is over 300 feet down!

We had drought in 2011. Not like this picture from next door Sudan but they once had better conditions. We must plan for the future.

The project will be expensive and we anticipate a cost of over £30,000. We are well on the way to reaching this goal by July (with your help)

Trustee Charlotte is doing the Manchester 10K BUPA Run. Her team will be running as a caterpillar.
Do please sponsor her.

You can do it at Virgin Money Giving by clicking here;

The big May 16th Golf Event will also be raising money for the same cause. We have already sold all the 22 team places.

But if a supporter would like to sponsor one of the PRIZES for the winners of the event please do this at our Virgin Money Giving Site. We are very happy to mention corporate donations in the Golf Brochure which goes to over 100 people.

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