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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Now on Amazon Kindle and only £1.93

Supporters may remember that Trustee Denise published her first book called Christmas in Uganda and it was very well received and sold in quantity for last Christmas.

Now she has published on Kindle so that readers everywhere can download a copy and read it to the children from your iphone, ipad, computer etc.

It is beautifully illustrated. Go to Amazon web site, then Books, and enter Christmas in Uganda.

We hope to produce the book in German in the months to come and have already had it translated.

1 comment:

Denise Ead said...

This is a beautifully illustrated book which tells the delightful story of Asobora, the little monkey finding out about Christmas in Uganda. He eventually lights up the Christmas Tree with Fireflies.

Please download the book as it is a joy to read and the children at St. Zoe's and the Good Shepherd School have contributed greatly and will be so pleased the book is being shared.
We are hoping to buy insecticide treated Mosquito Nets for all the children with the funds raised.

Thank you and Best Wishes Denise