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Friday, 20 September 2013

Safeguarding children

With a great deal of press attention quite rightly being given to the way so many children are being abused in UK it is good to reflect on what happens in Uganda. Children get abused all over the world and it is pretty tough for teenage girls and for children with learning disability. Abuse is everywhere and this is the sort of challenge which HUGS is doing a little to try to address. We plan to have a special programme at St Zoes to focus on these matters.
But the Lira Babies home which you all support is also doing its bit and in a very big way.

The home now has 37 children who are orphans or abandoned. One has a serious physical disability. Sr.Demmy takes in everyone who comes and the children are placed with a member of the extended family usually before the child is 5. I am sure the rigour of our adoption agencies is missing but suspect that this is a small risk in a community where everyone knows everyone else and can keep an eye on things. We could learn from this. HUGS has been supporting Sr. Demmy for several years and her work gives children a Sure Start.

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