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Monday, 28 December 2020

Sharing out the HUGS

The trustees of Helping Uganda Schools, at this time of year, receive many messages of warmth and gratitude from Uganda. We want to share these with our supporters. We recognise this year has been hard for many people and our freedom to hold the people who are dearest to us has been limited.  Please accept a portion of this appreciation; a little HUG if you like.

Sebastian, from St. Francis de Sale School, on Christmas day wrote how our 'countless sacrifices of time and money do not go unnoticed.'  Faith our sponsored newly qualified doctor remarked how we have 'fulfilled her life'  and Sr Evangelista sends 'continued blessings'. There have been messages of thanks from current students, qualified ex-sponsored students and teachers. 

HUGS has had a remarkable year. Our supporters helped fund the construction of a girls dormitory at the Little Shepherd School and a new special needs school in Jinja. They helped us respond with compassion to the terrible additional impoverishment caused by COVID. HUGS diverted funds from education to humanitarian aid. We fed many vulnerable children, secured the livelihoods for school staff and helped keep our schools safe and maintained. 

There are aways challenges, and next year we look forward to:
  • Welcoming full classrooms back in February. Some children have effectively missed a year of education and we fear many girls will not return.
  • Sponsoring a new cohort of children from the KosOvo slum area of Kampala. This is a new project.
  • Providing teaching equipment, for St Francis de Sales School
  • Kitting out the new dormitory for Little Shepherd School
  • Maintaining our commitment to our current sponsored students

As always, help from our supporters with any of these projects is welcomed. If anyone wants to play a greater role email us at hugstrustees@gmail.com

Finally on a lighter note, with the help of two of our Ugandan headmistresses we have written a new year/festive period family quiz. You can play it online or face to face. Please pass it on, tweet, facebook or email. If people enjoy it they are invited to make a donation. Every little helps.


Thank you to all our supporters. We are only able to help Uganda Schools because you help us.

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